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• 8/23/2013

Possible Sci-fi Metals for Metallurgy

name some sci-fi metals you would like to see added and from were they are


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• 5/8/2015

Don't forget some of the nice Star Trek ones. Duranium, Tritanium, Baakten, Dilithium, Corbomite(jk), and Neutronium. There are some good comic book ones, such as adamantium and Vibranium. (Bonus points if the adamantium sword looks like claws.) There could also be stuff like Australium and Naquadah. There is really so much.

• 5/21/2015

It thought dilithium was a crystal.  And don't forget trilithium.  Hmmm - probably like hydrogen, these may be isotopes.

Corbomite was something made up as a bluff.  Probably will be added after Herobrine. 

• 5/22/2015

I was aware of Corbomite. That was why I put (jk) after it. Neutronium was from the episode "The Doomsday Machine", where it cannot be broken, period, by anything. Baakten and kar'dasnoth are used in the hull plating on Klingon Birds of Prey, as well as duranium. Standard hull for a galaxy class cruiser (I.e. The Enterprise-D) is an alloy of duranium and tritanium. P.S. Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium are isotopes. Dilithium and Trilithium may refer to structure. In some high-heat, high-pressure conditions, it has been theorized to make it possible for lithium atoms to bond, making DI-lithium. However, it would be nearly impossible to keep this from being anything other than a plasma as it would be extremely unstable. I just nerded out didn't I?

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